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Boeskov DeWit Morandi

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Jakob Boeskov, Timothy DeWit & Matthew Morandi
T 7: I Think I Scan

Vinyl LP | 16-page booklet | 500 ex | 2012 | Pork Salad Press | € 25.00

The goal of the drawings and the electronic music is to investigate life in a time of 'machine ideology'. The record features deadpan spoken lyrics that create several layers of meaning with subjects ranging from augmented reality to single moms...

Jakob Boeskov is an visual artist living. Boeskov is most known for his "ID Sniper" project where he infiltrated a Chinese weapons fair with a "fake hi-tech weapon". Jakob Boeskov lives and works in New York.

Timothy DeWit is one of the founders of New York based experimental group Gang Gang Dance. Most recently Timothy Dewit contributed to Venus X’s seminal Ghe2o G0th1k parties as Dutch E Germ. In 2014 Timothy DeWit will release his debut album on UNO Records, also under the Dutch E Germ alias. Timothy DeWit lives and works in New York.

Matthew Morandi releases music as Jahilliya Fields, most recently, Unicursal Hexagram and Pleasure Sentence EP on L.I.E.S Records. Matthew Morandi lives and works in New York.

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