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Henrik Plenge Jakobsen

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Organisation Faust

LP | 300 ex | 2009 | published by Pork Salad Press Copenhagen | produced in conjunction with the exhibition Organisation Faust at the Suburban, Chicago | ISBN 87-91409-44-6 | 18.00

Organisation Faust is a 33 RPM vinyl and a journey into a drone and trance soundscape generated by obsolete technology a journey that might revisit speculations suggested by Yevgeny Zamyatin, Stanislaw Lem or George Lucas. The recording is based on digital replicas of Russian synthesizers from the 1980s such as Polivoks and other Formanta synths.

The album cover is an inverted black and white image of a print by J.J. Tanner from 1840 of the river Rhine at the Lorelei rock. The image as well as the title, Organisation Faust, is a tribute to the Rheinland where a meeting between pop and avant-garde took place some 40 years ago resulting in the socalled Krautrock movement with bands such as Kluster, Can, Neu, Faust and Organisation (later Kraftwerk).

The recording also relates to five erected sculptures in mahogany, ash and aluminum dealing with the forthcoming NASA space program Ares and its paradoxical return to an aesthetic of early space crafts of the 50s and 60s. Each sculpture corresponds to a track on the recording by the same title. While the record primarily is to be viewed as a work in itself, it can also function as an abstract catalogue for these sculptures.

Side A:
Ares 12:10
Test Probe 6:28

Side B:
Organisation 7:40
Irrlicht 3:57
Urfaust 3:41

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